The Best Funny Valentine Cards For Those "Complicated" Relationships

The Best Funny Valentine Cards For Those "Complicated" Relationships

Valentine's Day can be a weird holiday. There's so much pressure to convey all the emotions in a card and some flowers. It's especially difficult when you've only been dating someone for a short time or your bestie doesn't have a partner and they are spending the day alone. But don't worry! We have the best cards to give to all your Valentines, Galentines, and person you are currently seeing but maybe not in LOVE with yet.

For the one you've been hanging out with and they're pretty cool but really it's their dog you're into:

This I Like Your Dog Card is perfect for the person who has a really cute dog...and maybe that's it? Or maybe you're just obssesed with dogs like me and you will literally almost crash your car to check out someone's dog. In that case it might be good to have a bunch of these on hand.

For the one with a great booty:

Does your valentine have a donkey farm and is also recovering from BBL surgery? The You Have a Great Ass card is for this very sepcific scenario. Or maybe you just think they have a great butt...

For the hunter/Mountain Man/Wilderness Woman/Nonbinary Naturalist:

Have you ever been out on a hike and you see a deer and you're like wow...that is a nice rack? Now you can give that deer a fancy little Nice Rack card. It would probably be a good card for your significant other too.

For the one who brings out the best in everyone and is just hands down amazing:

This card is one that you can give to yourself because I think you're fabulous. But also it works for all the fabulous people in your life. It's so cute you could even frame it and look at it every day to remind your foxy self how great you are!

So no matter what the status of your relationship is or if you just want to love yourself this year there's a card for that.

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