About Us

I grew up in an old haunted house on Cape Cod full of antiques, so my appreciation for craftsmanship and vintage style came early. I love combining vintage style with modern elements. My studio is in an old elementary school (built in 1908!) turned arts center in downtown Bozeman, Montana. I adore the creaky wooden floors and I like to think we channel that wild 4th grader energy that remains in our studio to this day! 

I design and hand screen print each item using water based inks and all natural solvents so each one is unique and environmentally friendly. I can't pinpoint the one thing that inspires me although it might be my pillow since that's where I have most of my good ideas. I feel extremely lucky to be doing this for a living. It's a wonderful feeling to see something you made out in the world. I had one customer tell me her son actually cried when he got his shirt because he was so happy. It's things like that that keep me working at 1 am.

Creating something that is beautiful, funny and functional is what we do best. Enjoy!