How to Wrap a Gift Like a Boss

Wrapping gifts can be fun!

Or it can be a nightmare with tape and weird corners that never look right and end up getting covered with a bow or shoved behind the tree in an effort to hide your lack of wrapping skills. So here are a couple of ways to make a gift awesome without the paper cuts. 

Wrap your gift with a kitchen towel! 

1. Grab the thing to wrap.

2. Get awesome kitchen towel from The Coin Laundry.

3. Fold it around object. This can be done a few ways but make sure you get the print on the front for maximum cuteness. Don't worry if you can see some of the gift peeking through the top or bottom.

4. Tie a pretty ribbon or bakers twine around it. 

5. Gift giving magic achieved.


Here's another fun way to make your gifts stand out - pipe cleaner gift tags! This is super fun and can be done while binge watching Netflix and drinking hot toddies (which is how nature intended us to gift wrap). Follow these easy steps and watch the short video below to see it action!

1. Grab some pipe cleaners at your local craft emporium.

2. Bend and twist them into names, shapes, swear words whatever you like. You may need to add another pipe cleaner on for longer words. You can do this by twisting the ends together. Make sure to twist them around a few times so it stays secure. The best part about this is that if you mess up you can straighten it out and start over. I like to write the word out on a piece of paper so I can see how the lettering needs to look. Cursive letters are easiest since they all loop together nicely.

3. Put it on a box! These are so cute you don't even need wrapping paper! Just a plain old box and maybe some ribbon or yarn! Add a little extra tail to your word or shape so you can twist it around the ribbon so the pipe cleaners stay on your gift. 

4. Watch as they marvel at your amazing pipe cleaner skills! They can even keep it as an ornament! 

Pipe Cleaner Gift Tags from jennifer blake on Vimeo.


Now get out there and give the best gifts ever!  

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